Since the beginning of the year 2000 preparation started to use the new line of SECURITY PRINTING and to meet this demand necessary training of EPL HOUSE staff started by introducing the new up to date methods of printing and the KNOW HOW of the most modern equipment imported to reach the highest standard of SECURITY PRINTING, consequently the necessary license was obtained from the concerned authorities.

During the month of April 2002 necessary contacts have been made with the scope of purchasing and importing the necessary Security Designs and arrangements were made for the enrolment of EPL staff to attend training course both locally and with specialized foreign centers in Belgium. Germany and France. On the 28th of April 2002 the ordered equipment and programs where received by EPL House.

In continuation of achieving this task contracts have been stipulated with well know specialized firms for the supply of Security Commodities in Germany, France and England and the first quantity of special Security Paper with EPL HOUSE watermark was received and duly registered with the concerned authorities on the 15th of June 2002 the first consignment of special Security Ink of various colors imported from well known specialized Firms from England and Germany was received. To complete the first needs for the starting of security printing on the 22nd October 2002 the necessary security printing equipment arrived enabling EPL HOUSE to start its new line of printing (SECURITY PRINTING).

Printing started meeting the demands of our clients for the following.
  • Cheque Books for various Banks.
  • University Certificates of Graduation
  • All type and sizes of Security Paper.
  • Legalized Contracts and Insurance Certificates.
  • Special printing against forgery.
  • Holograms with 2 and 3D..
EPL HOUSE is committed with the following main clients
  1. Bank of Commerce and Development
    • consignment of 2D and 3D holograms with the Bank logo legally, internationally registered.
    • consignment of shareholder interest cheques.
    • confirmed and normal cheque books (under preparation).
  2. Justice and Public Security Authority
    • During the month of November 2002 the first consignment of Anti-Forgery Vehicle Registration books have been printed and distributed to the various licensing offices in the Great Jamahiriya.
    • printing of Anti-Forgery Graduation Certificates.
    • Printing off all forms required by the Department.