Printing and publishing
  1. Production of video and audio tapes.
  2. Production of documentary and historical educational locally and regionally tapes on all subjects.
  3. Advertisement and publication.
  4. Printing of annual agendas, calendars, books, magazines, and news papers.
  5. Printing of educational books.
  6. Preparation of industries for publication.
  7. Printing and distribution of periodicals.
  8. Design and color selection.

With fulfilling the above pattern we started with great enthusiasm in securing our great dreams successfully in the execution of our work and step by step we started making true our demands complying with our expectation and as a result following is a part of work produced by Epl House :

  1. Printing of necessary documents advertisement relating to the African unity organization meeting held in Tripoli on 15 /4 / 1995.
  2. Translation and printing of reports relating to employment recruitment and unemployment problems in the world issued by united nations for the general labor organization.
  3. Annual reports for the general labor organization for the years 95 / 96 / 97 .

From this point , all work ordered meets all attention and care exceeding all aspects and as an example :

Banks services and advertisement printing
  • Bank of commerce and development.
  • Gumhouria bank.
  • National Commercial bank.
  • Sahara bank.
  • Wahda bank.
  • Ahly bank Benghazi.
  • Ahly bank Alabiar Alagoria.
  • Ahly bank ( shahat ) Cyrene.
  • Ahly bank al Qubba.
  • Ahly bank Tobruck.
  • Ahly bank Tarhuna.
  • Ahly bank Janzour.
Printing for hotels advertisement and services
  • Tebesti hotel – Benghazi.
  • Ouzou hotel – Benghazi.
  • Tourist family complex Garyounis Benghazi.
  • Al Masira hotel -Tobruck.
Printing matters for colleges and universities
  • Garyounis university Benghazi.
  • Derna university.
  • Al Baida university.
  • Al Arab medical university.
  • Al Marj university.
  • High college for training and graduation of teachers Benghazi.
  • High college for training and graduation of teachers Tobruck.
  • High college for training and graduation of teachers Derna.
  • High college for training and graduation of teachers Agedabia.
  • Saqr high institute for computers – Benghazi.
  • Al-Irada computer college Agedabia.
Printing materials relating to the great man made river project

CD introducing the great man made river

Printing matters for authors and intellects

  1. Printed matters dealing with fifth anniversary for the late poet Ibrahim Osta Omar.
  2. Book titled Kouloub Al Akhtaboot by the intellect author Mohammed Aghila Al Amami.
  3. Book titled Mawasem Alibdaa by the late author intellect Khalifa Al Fakry.
  4. Book titled Shahakat Alrouh Waleeh by the author intellect Jamal Ataiga.
  5. Book titled Tagreedat Habib from the Libyan heritage by the author Salah Eeddin Gebril.
Printing for general industrial companies and Tasharuqiat in Libya
  • General co. For textiles.
  • General co. For furniture.
  • General co. For toys.
  • General co. For municipal works.
Participation and printing for fairs
  • Printing of publication for the general popular committee – Benghazi dealing with the attendance of the municipal Arab urban committee held in Cairo during the year 2000.
  • Printing of publication relating to Benghazi industrial fair.
  • Printing of publication relating to anti – drug association fair 1997.
  • Cairo international book fair 1996 – 1997.
  • Printing of publication of Al Fateh fair 2000.