Every cloud has a silver lining

In light of the crisis of cash shortage, the deployment of ADFALI service can be considered the best way to solve this problem and not rely on the necessity of liquidity in the presence of easy-to-use technology and would enable banks to spread and achieve fictitious profits, God willing.

It is the golden opportunity to monopolize a service that is unavailable and unexpected to banks in the Arab world over the next ten years.

Edfali (Pay for me)

The emergence of this service is a revolution in the world of electronic and mobile-based payments, in terms of speed, low cost, ease of dealing, settlement speed for the seller, and the most important absolute lack of liquidity.

For those reasons and in the midst of , both economic and political ,current events, it was necessary to invent a new way to reach all segments of society and expand to areas where there are no banks.



  • Would enable the citizen to transfer money and payment using this service easily in any region.
    • Would enable the citizen to manage his money while traveling.
    • Would enable the citizen to get cash from any shop through the process (Pay for me) and receive cash from the shop after the end of this crisis.
    • The possibility of developing this service in the operations of permanent orders such as payment of monthly bills , electricity and water bills and obligations such as monthly installments which would encourage traders to sell by installment.


Service (Pay for me)

Pay for me is an electronic payment method that enables the bank’s clients to pay their purchases, buy cards, transfer money and other services available and what is new in the future.

Because it is difficult  to spread electronic cards in the Arab world for several factors, including:
• poor Telecommunication Infrastructure.
• The high cost of ATM machines and their inability to cope with the weather conditions in the Arab world and the lack of technical crews for maintenance.
• The complexity of applying  POS(Points Of Sale) in the preparation, installation and settlement.
• It is difficult for Arab banks to introduce card technology for several reasons, but most importantly because Arab citizen do not tend to use those means for fear of complexity and distrust, as well as the geographical spread and poor communication.




This service is linked to the client’s phone number. Studies have shown that people, nowadays, always keep their phones within touch and check them every ten minutes, now the global card companies are planning to cancel their cards and integrating card services in mobile phones.  This service is widely spread in America, Japan, Germany and Britain and the list goes on.


Clients have full control on the service. At any time, Clients can stop and also re-activate this service through the bank’s website or by calling the IVR system of the bank using the service secret numbers and service numbers.
Clients can also stop the service once the phone is lost.

Each transfer or purchase process is being notified to the client and the system issues a special random number for each transaction which is legally considered an electronic signature for the client and a meaning of protection for him.


Edfali (Pay for me)


  • A sign is placed: Edfali (service available)
  • Merchants must participate and have a special account for the service.




  • Transactions Fee are determined by the bank (= X% of the value of the transaction). The minimum and maximum commission can be determined or otherwise value of annual fees without commission.
  • Mobile phones, computers, tablets, or any other devices can access the service.
  • When the client buys and determines the cost, the merchant enters the client’s account number or the client’s telephone number registered in the service then enters the value and send the request.
  • The system checks the client’s account and sends a short message stating that the said shop or merchant asks for the deduction of the value. In case of approval enclosed with the message a secret number for the process consisting of four numbers would be send to the shop or merchant.
  • In case of matching The shop or merchant would enter the number. The value would be deducted from the client’s account and added to the merchant account.
  • Merchants can have an account statement either per/day, week or month and the disclosure is sent to his e-mail by the system.