History preface

EPL House for printing & publication was established in 1994 in Benghazi – Libya, by the founder Samir Abdalla Al Akhtal .

Since the beginning of its foundation, the establishers will and enthusiasm to adopt new improvements and techniques to fulfill his aims in the printing field made considerable progress in the offset printing by implementing new techniques and the most up to date methods to ensure the highest standard of printing and realize his various wishes. By this EPL House, after securing, the highest standard of printing started with new aims and ideas in the execution field connected with the new era and thereafter wishes and desire, step by step, came true and hence commenced work with new ideas realizing the previous wishes and desire.

Let us start with you from the first steps to show you in brief our commencement and how it began slowly and then fast and thereafter faster to reach the most difficult comparison which we realized :

Achievement – Variability – Progress – Harmony

EPL House for printing and publication was established in Benghazi – Libya – in Sede Hussein area on 07. 08. 1994.
Branches of EPL House were established in Alexandria, Serwah al Manshia Street Republic of Egypt on 28. 11. 2001.

EPL Division

EPL house, consist of various sections to follow and complete printing work from the beginning to the required final high standard.

1- Reception:

Its task is to welcome various customers and receive all work orders required to be effected and then pass it to the commercial division and design and hence set date and programs of delivery receipt of various work and setting of cost and specification.

2- Design division:
  1. Commercial design section
  2. 3D design section
  3. Security design section All designs are undertaken at EPL House by expert designers using the most up to date advanced equipment including the new silicon graphic system introduced during the year 2001
3- Color separation:

During the year 2000 the new data for color separation and mixing has been set at EPL House by the well known German co. Heidelberg a specialized company in the separation colored films for offset printing as well as the necessary training of the staff .

4- Printing section:
  1. Offset printing
  2. Security printing

On the 28/12/1996 the printing section, has been set up to receive work orders for printing. Zinc plates are then made and developed to be ready for printing.
Printing colored matters are effected by using offset machinery choosing from various sizes to meet client s request on time.
Normal printing as well as numbering , puncturing by using special blowing equipment .
Therefore we again wish to continue our ties in the way that suits all parties .

Following is a list of certificates of services issued in the name of EPL House from:
  1. Faculty of engineering Garyounis University.
  2. Al Marj news paper.
  3. General popular committee of industry and minerals.
  4. Authors and publishers association.
  5. Secretary of the union of medical services Benghazi.
  6. Arab medical university ( student s committee ).
  7. General boys and girls scouts organization.
  8. University of Garyounis department of physics.
  9. Bank of commerce & development – general administration.
  10. Mentally handy caped friend union.
  11. Libyan red crescent association, Benghazi branch.
  12. Libyan national committee against drugs & mental effects.
  13. University of Derna.
  14. General Commntee for tourism, education and publicity.
  15. Hana benevolent association for orphan s care.
  16. Internal security organization.
  17. General Arabic Libyan Gymnasium association.
  18. Advocates association.
  19. Alfateh Born Union Almarj.
  20. Arab advocates union.
  21. High Medical Technical center.
  22. Industrial Quality improving conference.
  23. BARCO (Belgium American Company).
  24. Sudanese charity association.
  25. Youth care educational and rehabilitation care home Benghazi.

Let us realize your Dreams at EPL house.